Where Can I Find Shark Teeth in Florida

Where Can I Find Shark Teeth in Florida?

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and abundant marine life, including sharks. If you are interested in finding shark teeth, you are in luck! The Sunshine State offers numerous locations where you can hunt for these ancient treasures. Here are some popular places to find shark teeth in Florida:

1. Venice Beach: Known as the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World,” Venice Beach is a popular destination for shark tooth hunters. The beach’s unique geography and strong currents make it an ideal spot for finding teeth.

2. Caspersen Beach: Located near Venice Beach, Caspersen Beach is another great location for shark tooth hunting. The beach is less crowded and offers a higher chance of finding larger teeth.

3. Manasota Key: This barrier island is home to numerous beaches where you can find shark teeth. The best time to search is after a storm when new teeth are often washed ashore.

4. Peace River: For a different experience, head to Peace River, where you can find shark teeth while fossil hunting. Take a kayak or canoe trip down the river and search for teeth in the exposed riverbed.

5. Calvert Marine Museum: Located in Maryland, this museum offers a unique opportunity to find shark teeth. They regularly dredge the Chesapeake Bay for fossil-rich sediments, which you can sift through to find your own teeth.

6. Gulf Islands National Seashore: This pristine stretch of coastline offers excellent opportunities to find shark teeth. Explore the beaches and sandbars to uncover these ancient treasures.

7. Flag Ponds Nature Park: Another location outside of Florida, this Maryland park is known for its abundant fossil finds, including shark teeth. Visitors can search the shoreline and sift through sediment to uncover teeth.

8. Fort Desoto Park: Located near St. Petersburg, Fort Desoto Park is a popular spot for beachgoers and shark tooth hunters. Its wide sandy beaches provide ample opportunities for finding teeth.


1. What types of shark teeth can I find in Florida?
In Florida, you can find various types of shark teeth, including those from bull sharks, tiger sharks, great whites, and megalodons.

2. Are there any restrictions on collecting shark teeth?
It is legal to collect shark teeth found on public beaches in Florida. However, it is prohibited to disturb or harm live sharks.

3. When is the best time to search for shark teeth?
The best time to search for shark teeth is after a storm or during low tide when new deposits are exposed on the shore.

4. How should I search for shark teeth?
Look for black, shiny, and triangular-shaped objects in the sand. Shark teeth are typically well-preserved and stand out from other debris.

5. Are there any tools I should bring for shark tooth hunting?
It is recommended to bring a small shovel, a mesh bag for collecting teeth, and a sifter to help sort through the sand.

6. Can I find megalodon teeth in Florida?
While rare, it is possible to find megalodon teeth in Florida. These teeth belong to an extinct species of shark and can be highly valuable.

7. Are there any guided tours or organized shark tooth hunts in Florida?
Yes, several tour companies offer guided shark tooth hunting tours in Florida. These tours provide expert guidance and increase your chances of finding teeth.

8. Is it necessary to have scuba diving experience to find shark teeth?
No, scuba diving is not required to find shark teeth along Florida’s beaches. Most teeth can be found by snorkeling or searching the shoreline.

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