How to Find Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

How to Find Your Girlfriend’s Ring Size

Planning to propose to your girlfriend? One of the most important aspects to consider is finding the perfect engagement ring. However, determining your girlfriend’s ring size can be quite challenging, especially if you want to keep the proposal a surprise. Here are some helpful tips to help you find your girlfriend’s ring size without spoiling the surprise.

1. Borrow one of her rings: Sneak into her jewelry box and borrow a ring she wears on her ring finger. Take it to a local jeweler who can measure the size accurately.

2. Seek help from friends or family: Enlist the help of her close friends or family members who might have an idea about her ring size. They may have purchased jewelry for her in the past or can discreetly ask her about her ring size preferences.

3. Trace the ring: Place one of her rings on a piece of paper and trace the inner and outer circumference. A jeweler can use these measurements to determine her ring size.

4. Compare finger sizes: If you have a similar-sized finger, try slipping on one of your own rings and mark the point where it feels comfortable. A jeweler can then measure the circumference at that point.

5. Use a ring-sizing chart: Some jewelry websites offer printable ring-sizing charts. You can have your girlfriend place one of her rings on the chart to determine the appropriate size.

6. Measure while she sleeps: When your girlfriend is fast asleep, take a piece of string or dental floss and wrap it around her ring finger to get an approximate measurement. Be cautious not to wake her up!

7. Get her colleagues involved: If your girlfriend works in an office, you can discreetly approach her colleagues and ask if they could help you find her ring size. They can try on their own rings and compare it to hers.

8. Propose with a placeholder ring: If you’re still unsure about her ring size, consider proposing with a placeholder ring. This can be a simple band that she can wear until you choose the actual ring together.


1. Can I measure her ring size while she’s awake?
Yes, but it may be challenging to keep it a surprise. However, if you’re skilled at distraction, you can try measuring her finger with a ring-sizing tool or a printable chart.

2. What if I can’t find a ring she wears on her ring finger?
Try finding a ring that she wears on another finger and use that as a reference point to estimate her ring size.

3. How accurate are ring-sizing charts?
Ring-sizing charts provide a close estimate, but it’s always best to have a professional jeweler measure her ring size for optimal accuracy.

4. Can I resize the ring later if it doesn’t fit?
Most rings can be resized within a certain range, but it’s always better to choose a ring size that’s as close to perfect as possible.

5. Are there alternative ways to propose without a ring?
Absolutely! You can propose without a ring and then shop together for the perfect one afterward.

6. What if I propose with the wrong ring size?
If you propose with a ring that doesn’t fit, don’t worry. It can be resized or exchanged for the correct size.

7. Should I involve her in the ring selection process?
Involving your girlfriend in the ring selection process can ensure she gets a ring she loves and that fits perfectly.

8. How can I find a reputable jeweler?
Research local jewelers and read reviews to find a reputable one. Ask friends or family for recommendations as well.

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