How to Find Someone That Has Been Arrested

How to Find Someone That Has Been Arrested

Discovering that a loved one or a friend has been arrested can be a distressing situation. However, it is crucial to act swiftly and efficiently to ensure their well-being and legal rights. Here are some steps to help you find someone who has been arrested:

1. Contact the local police department: Begin by calling the police department in the area where the arrest might have taken place. Provide the full name of the individual and any additional information that may assist in locating them.

2. Check online arrest records: Many jurisdictions have online databases where you can search for recent arrests. These records typically include the person’s name, date of birth, and the charges they are facing.

3. Utilize inmate locators: Many correctional facilities provide inmate locator services on their websites. By entering the person’s name, you can find out if they are in custody and obtain information about their location.

4. Contact local jails and prisons directly: If you are unable to find the information you need online, contact the local jails and prisons in the area. Provide them with the person’s full name and date of birth to inquire about their status.

5. Hire a bail bondsman: If you discover that the person has been arrested and is in custody, you may need to arrange for their release. In such cases, consider hiring a bail bondsman who can guide you through the process and help secure their release.

6. Reach out to friends and family: Sometimes, individuals who have been arrested inform friends or family members of their situation. Make sure to reach out to mutual contacts who may have information about their whereabouts.

7. Hire an attorney: In more complex cases, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney who specializes in criminal law. They can provide legal guidance, help locate the person, and navigate the legal process.

8. Stay updated: If the person has been arrested, it is important to stay informed about their case. Attend court hearings and stay in touch with their attorney to ensure their rights are protected.


1. Can I find out if someone has been arrested for free?
Yes, many jurisdictions provide online arrest records at no cost. However, some may require a small fee for accessing certain information.

2. How long does it take for an arrest to show up in online records?
The timing can vary depending on the jurisdiction. Generally, it may take a few hours to several days for an arrest to be reflected in online records.

3. Can I find information about federal arrests online?
Yes, the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides an online inmate locator that allows you to search for individuals in federal custody.

4. What if the arrest occurred in a different state?
If the arrest occurred in a different state, you will need to contact the police department and correctional facilities in that jurisdiction.

5. Can I bail someone out of jail if I am not in the same state?
Yes, you can bail someone out of jail even if you are not in the same state. However, the process may vary, so it is advisable to consult with a local bail bondsman or attorney.

6. Can I visit someone in jail immediately after their arrest?
Visitation policies vary among jurisdictions. It is best to contact the facility to determine when visitation is allowed and what the requirements are.

7. Can I get information about someone’s arrest if they are a minor?
In most cases, juvenile records are not publicly accessible. You may need to contact the relevant juvenile court or law enforcement agency to obtain information.

8. How can I support someone who has been arrested?
Offer emotional support, stay in touch, and help them find legal representation. Additionally, consider attending court hearings to show your support and ensure their rights are protected.

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