How to Find Out How Much a Business Sold For

How to Find Out How Much a Business Sold For

If you’re curious about the sale price of a business, there are various ways to gather information and find out how much it sold for. While it may not always be easy to obtain this information, the following methods can help you in your quest:

1. Publicly available sources: Some business sales are publicly disclosed, especially if the company is publicly traded. Check the company’s press releases, annual reports, or news articles to see if the sale price is mentioned.

2. Business brokers: Contacting business brokers who specialize in selling businesses can provide valuable insights. They often have access to a wide range of information and may be willing to share details about recent sales.

3. Industry contacts: Reach out to professionals or individuals within the industry who may have knowledge of recent business sales. Networking events, industry conferences, or online forums are great places to connect with such individuals.

4. Public records: In certain cases, business sale information can be found in public records, such as property records, court documents, or business registrations. These records may provide clues about the sale price or even direct information in some instances.

5. Business valuation databases: Some online databases specialize in collecting and providing information about business sales and valuations. These databases may require a subscription or payment to access the information.

6. Mergers and acquisitions reports: Companies involved in mergers and acquisitions often release reports that include details about the sale price of businesses involved. Researching these reports can shed light on recent sales.

7. Industry publications: Trade publications or magazines within the specific industry may cover recent business sales. These publications might mention sale prices or provide insights into the valuation process.

8. Expert advice: If you’re willing to invest in gaining this information, you can hire a business valuation expert or consultant. These professionals have access to proprietary databases and can provide you with detailed information about recent business sales.


1. Why do people want to know how much a business sold for?
Knowing the sale price of a business can provide insights into market trends, valuations, and potential investment opportunities.

2. Can I find out the sale price of any business?
Not all business sales are publicly disclosed, so finding out the sale price can be challenging. However, using multiple sources and methods increases your chances of obtaining the information.

3. Are business sale prices always accurate?
While business sale prices generally reflect the value agreed upon between the buyer and seller, they may not always accurately represent the underlying assets or potential of the business.

4. Can I find out how much a small business sold for?
Yes, small business sales are often publicly disclosed, and information can be obtained through the methods mentioned earlier.

5. Is it legal to disclose the sale price of a business?
In most cases, there are no legal restrictions on disclosing the sale price of a business. However, some parties involved in the transaction may prefer to keep the information confidential.

6. How long does it usually take to find out the sale price of a business?
The time it takes to find out the sale price varies depending on the availability of information and the methods used. It can range from a few minutes to several weeks.

7. Are there any free resources to find out business sale prices?
While some sources may provide limited information for free, comprehensive and up-to-date data often require subscriptions or payment.

8. Can I find out the sale price of a business that was sold years ago?
Finding out the sale price of a business sold years ago can be more challenging, as the information may not be readily available. However, some of the methods mentioned earlier may still be applicable.