How to Find My Graduating Class Size

How to Find My Graduating Class Size

Finding out the size of your graduating class can be an interesting piece of information to have, whether for nostalgia or curiosity. Knowing the number of students who graduated alongside you can help you put your academic achievements into perspective and reminisce about the memories you shared with your peers. Here are a few ways to find out your graduating class size:

1. Contact Your School: The simplest way to find your graduating class size is to reach out to your alma mater’s administrative office. They should have records of all the students who graduated in your year and can provide you with the exact number.

2. Check Your Yearbook: If you have a copy of your yearbook, you can usually find the class size listed somewhere within its pages. Look for a section that highlights statistics or achievements of your graduating class.

3. Social Media Groups: Many schools have alumni groups or pages on social media platforms. Joining these groups and asking your fellow graduates can be a great way to get the information you are looking for. You might even find old friends and reconnect with them in the process!

4. Online Class Directories: Some schools maintain online directories specifically for alumni. These directories often include information about graduating class sizes. Check if your school has such a directory and search for your graduating year.

5. Reconnect with Friends: Reach out to your friends who graduated with you and ask if they remember the class size. Together, you might be able to piece together the information through each other’s memories.

6. Ask Former Teachers: If you have maintained contact with any of your former teachers, they might have access to the relevant information or know where to find it. Reach out to them and see if they can help you.

7. Local Library or Archives: Sometimes, local libraries or archives keep records of graduating classes for schools in the area. You can visit your local library or contact them to inquire if they have any relevant information.

8. Graduation Programs or Certificates: If you still have your graduation program or certificate, they might mention the number of graduates. Dig through your old documents to see if you can find any information there.


1. How important is it to know my graduating class size?
Knowing your class size can be a fun piece of trivia, but it does not have any significant impact on your academic or professional life.

2. Can I find my class size if my school closed down?
If your school closed down, it might be challenging to find the exact class size. However, you can still try reaching out to local archives or historical societies for assistance.

3. Can I find the class size of my high school and college graduation online?
Some schools do publish this information online, especially for recent graduating classes. Check your school’s website or search for alumni databases to see if the information is available.

4. How long does it usually take to get a response from my school when I request the class size?
The response time can vary depending on the school’s administrative processes. It is best to allow a few weeks for a response, but you can always follow up if you haven’t heard back.

5. Can I estimate my graduating class size if I know the total number of students in my school?
Yes, if you know the total number of students in your school and the approximate number of grades, you can make an educated guess about your graduating class size.

6. Does my graduating class size impact college admissions?
No, your graduating class size does not play a role in college admissions. Admissions decisions are typically based on individual achievements, test scores, and other factors.

7. Can I find my class size if I graduated a long time ago?
It might be more challenging to find your class size if you graduated many years ago. However, you can still try the methods mentioned above, such as contacting your school or connecting with fellow alumni.

8. Is it necessary to know my class size for a job application?
No, employers do not typically require information about your graduating class size. Your skills, experience, and qualifications are more important factors in the job application process.

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