How to Find Milesaaver Flights

How to Find Milesaaver Flights: A Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

For frequent travelers looking to make the most of their airline miles, finding Milesaaver flights is an essential skill. Milesaaver flights are award tickets offered by airlines at a reduced mileage rate, allowing travelers to save their hard-earned miles while still enjoying the benefits of air travel. In this article, we will discuss some effective strategies to help you find Milesaaver flights for your next adventure.

1. Utilize airline websites: Start your search on the official websites of airlines you have frequent flyer miles with. These websites often have dedicated pages or search filters specifically for Milesaaver flights.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates: Milesaaver flights are usually available on less popular travel days, such as weekdays or early mornings. Being flexible with your travel dates can increase your chances of finding these discounted award tickets.

3. Plan in advance: Airlines typically release Milesaaver award seats several months in advance. By planning your trip well in advance, you’ll have a better chance of snagging these limited availability tickets.

4. Use airline alliances: If you have miles with one airline, check if they are part of an airline alliance. This allows you to use your miles on partner airlines, expanding your options for finding Milesaaver flights.

5. Set fare alerts: Sign up for fare alerts on airline websites or third-party travel websites. These alerts will notify you when Milesaaver flights become available for your desired destination.

6. Consider alternate airports: Sometimes, flying into or out of a nearby airport can offer more Milesaaver flight options. Research airports within a reasonable distance from your origin or destination to increase your chances of finding discounted award tickets.

7. Connect with fellow travelers: Join online travel communities or forums where fellow travelers share their experiences and tips. They might have insider knowledge on finding Milesaaver flights or be able to offer suggestions based on their own experiences.

8. Consult with travel agents: Travel agents often have access to special deals and unpublished fares that are not available to the general public. They can assist you in finding Milesaaver flights and provide personalized advice based on your travel preferences.


1. What is the difference between Milesaaver and Anytime awards?
Milesaaver awards offer discounted mileage rates, while Anytime awards allow you to book flights with no blackout dates but at a higher mileage cost.

2. Are Milesaaver flights available on all routes?
Milesaaver flights are available on select routes and are subject to availability.

3. Can I book Milesaaver flights for others using my miles?
Yes, you can book Milesaaver flights for family members or friends using your miles, as long as they are eligible for mileage redemption.

4. How can I check Milesaaver availability without having enough miles in my account?
You can check Milesaaver availability on airline websites without having enough miles. However, you will need the required miles to book the flight.

5. Are Milesaaver flights refundable?
Milesaaver flights are subject to the same refund policies as regular award tickets. Some airlines may charge a fee for cancellations or changes.

6. Can I upgrade from a Milesaaver flight to a higher class using miles?
Yes, it is often possible to upgrade a Milesaaver flight to a higher class using additional miles, subject to availability.

7. Can I mix Milesaaver flights with regular award tickets?
In some cases, airlines allow a combination of Milesaaver flights and regular award tickets for a single trip, depending on availability.

8. Can I earn miles on Milesaaver flights?
Yes, Milesaaver flights are eligible for mileage accrual, allowing you to earn miles for future travel.

Finding Milesaaver flights requires patience, flexibility, and a bit of research. By following these strategies and utilizing the resources available to you, you can maximize the value of your airline miles and embark on exciting journeys at a fraction of the cost.

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