How Do I Find My Club Carlson Number

How Do I Find My Club Carlson Number

If you are a member of Club Carlson, the loyalty program of Radisson Hotel Group, you may sometimes find yourself wondering how to retrieve your Club Carlson number. Whether you have misplaced your membership card or simply forgot your number, there are a few easy ways to find it.

1. Check your email: If you signed up for Club Carlson online, you should have received a confirmation email containing your membership number. Search your inbox for keywords such as “Club Carlson” or “loyalty program” to locate the email.

2. Log into your online account: Visit the Club Carlson website and log into your account using the username and password you used during registration. Once logged in, your membership number should be displayed on your account dashboard.

3. Contact customer service: If you are unable to find your Club Carlson number through the above methods, reach out to Club Carlson’s customer service team. They will be able to assist you in retrieving your membership number, either by email or over the phone.

4. Radisson Hotels app: If you have the Radisson Hotels app installed on your smartphone, your Club Carlson number should be accessible through the app. Simply log in to your account, and your membership number should be displayed in your profile.

5. Previous hotel receipts: If you have stayed at a Radisson hotel in the past, your Club Carlson number may be printed on your receipts. Check any old receipts you may have kept to locate your membership number.

6. Loyalty program cards: If you have a physical card for other loyalty programs, such as airline frequent flyer programs, check if your Club Carlson number is also printed on these cards. Many loyalty programs allow you to include multiple membership numbers on one card.

7. Check your wallet: If you have a physical Club Carlson membership card, check your wallet or any cardholders you may use to store your cards. Your membership number should be printed on the card.

8. Social media: If you follow Club Carlson or Radisson Hotel Group on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, try searching through their posts or messages. Sometimes, membership numbers or reminders may be shared through these channels.


1. Can I have multiple Club Carlson numbers?
No, each individual is only allowed one Club Carlson number.

2. Can I earn Club Carlson points without my membership number?
No, you must provide your Club Carlson number at the time of booking or check-in to earn points.

3. Can I transfer my Club Carlson points to someone else?
Yes, Club Carlson allows members to transfer points to another member’s account.

4. How long does it take to receive my Club Carlson membership card?
Membership cards are typically mailed out within two to four weeks of joining the program.

5. Can I redeem Club Carlson points for airline miles?
Yes, you can convert your Club Carlson points to airline miles with participating airline partners.

6. Can I use my Club Carlson number for bookings at other hotel brands?
No, the Club Carlson loyalty program is only valid for Radisson Hotel Group properties.

7. Is there an expiration date for Club Carlson points?
Yes, Club Carlson points expire if there is no account activity for 24 months.

8. How can I upgrade my Club Carlson membership tier?
Membership tiers in Club Carlson are based on the number of stays or nights you accumulate within a calendar year. The higher your tier, the more benefits you receive.

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