How Do I Find an Old Obituary in Alabama

How Do I Find an Old Obituary in Alabama?

Losing a loved one is a difficult experience, and finding closure can be an important part of the grieving process. If you are searching for an old obituary in Alabama, there are several resources available to help you locate the information you seek. Here are some tips to help you find an old obituary in Alabama.

1. Start with online resources: Websites like,, and provide access to a vast collection of obituaries. You can search by name, location, or date to narrow down the results.

2. Visit local libraries or historical societies: Public libraries and historical societies often have archives of local newspapers that can be a valuable resource for finding old obituaries. Librarians or archivists can assist you in locating and accessing these records.

3. Contact funeral homes: Funeral homes typically keep records of obituaries they have published. Reach out to funeral homes in the area where your loved one passed away or resided to inquire about accessing their archives.

4. Check with county clerk offices: County clerk offices may have obituary records as part of their public records. Contact the county clerk’s office in the county where your loved one passed away to inquire about accessing these records.

5. Explore online newspaper archives: Many newspapers have digitized their archives and made them available online. Check if the local newspapers from the area where your loved one resided have their archives online.

6. Utilize online genealogy resources: Websites like and offer extensive databases that include obituaries. These platforms allow you to search their collections by name, location, and date.

7. Seek help from local genealogical societies: Local genealogical societies often have resources and knowledge about accessing old obituaries. They can guide you in your search and provide tips specific to the area you are researching.

8. Consider hiring a professional researcher: If your search proves challenging or time-consuming, you can hire a professional genealogical researcher who specializes in locating old obituaries. They have access to various databases and expertise in navigating complex records.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How far back can I expect to find obituaries in Alabama?
The availability of obituaries varies by location and time period. Generally, you can find obituaries dating back several decades, but the availability may depend on the resources in that particular area.

2. Are all obituaries published in newspapers?
Not all obituaries are published in newspapers. Some families choose to only publish obituaries on funeral home websites or social media platforms. However, newspapers remain a common source for obituary notices.

3. Can I obtain a copy of an obituary for free?
It depends on the source. Some online platforms and libraries provide free access to obituary records, while others may require a subscription or fee. Funeral homes may also charge a fee for providing copies of obituaries.

4. How accurate are obituaries?
Obituaries are generally accurate, but errors or omissions can occur. It’s essential to verify the information found in an obituary through multiple sources.

5. Can I find obituaries for free at local libraries?
Many public libraries offer free access to their newspaper archives, including obituaries. However, some libraries may charge a small fee or require a library card for access.

6. How long does it usually take for an obituary to be published?
Obituaries are typically published within a few days of a person’s passing. However, publication times can vary depending on the newspaper’s schedule and the family’s preferences.

7. What if I can’t find an obituary for my loved one?
If you cannot locate an obituary through traditional means, consider reaching out to local historical societies or genealogical societies for assistance. They may have additional resources or suggestions to aid in your search.

8. Can obituaries provide information about funeral arrangements?
Yes, obituaries often include details about funeral or memorial services. They may include information about the date, time, and location of the services, as well as any special instructions or requests from the family.

In conclusion, finding an old obituary in Alabama can be a challenging but rewarding process. By utilizing online resources, local archives, and professional researchers, you can gather the information you need to honor and remember your loved one. Remember to cross-reference multiple sources to ensure accuracy and completeness.

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