Associate’s Degree

A specialized “two-year” degree can get you the credentials you need to enter an industry

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Why an associate’s degree?

An associate’s degree, often called a “two-year degree,” is formal schooling that builds on the high school diploma. This degree focuses on the education needed to enter fields like nursing, tech, web development as well as some science and trade jobs.

Depending on how much time you can dedicate, you can go slower or faster than two years to earn your degree, as long as you accumulate 60 academic credit hours. Credits can be earned at community colleges, online schools and some four-year colleges and universities.

Duration: 2 years or less

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American Association of Community Colleges

Community colleges are a great way to earn an affordable associate’s degree. Find one near you. Veteran-friendly.

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On campus

Associate’s degree in retail management

An AD in retail management can prepare you for supervisory roles in retail, from industry organization, customer relations, inventory management and finance. Veteran-friendly.

On campus

Discover degrees by industry

Know what industry you want to work in? See which associate’s degrees are relevant to your field. Veteran-friendly.

On campus

Interested in nursing?

Find a nursing school near you. Veteran-friendly.


Associate’s degree in computer science

If you’re interested in working in development, programming and even design, earn an associate’s degree in computer science. Veteran-friendly.


Associate’s degree in information technology

An associate’s IT degree can open the door to working in tech.