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Why apprenticeships?

You “learn while you earn” in an apprenticeship with no prior experience required. You start at entry level and learn under the guidance of a seasoned professional. Your employer also provides the education you need to get licensed so that you can work as a fully certified professional when your apprenticeship ends.

While traditionally apprenticeships were for trades jobs like construction, they are growing in popularity and are now available for healthcare, tech and IT. Find apprenticeship opportunities from government databases, private companies and other organizations.

Duration: 3 years or less

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American Association of Community Colleges

Community colleges often partner with local employers to provide apprenticeship programs. Search for a school near you to see if they offer apprenticeships you might be interested in.

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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin offers apprenticeships in engineering and systems integrations that can lead to careers in global security. Veteran-friendly.

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NABTU (North America’s Building Trades Unions) sponsors apprenticeship readiness programs, which will place you as a registered building trades’ apprentice.

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Take an assessment to be considered for apprenticeships in tech, regardless of your experience. Apprenti is open to all but actively recruits women, people of color and veterans.

This is the one-stop source for all things apprenticeship. You can search by industries that interest you: healthcare, IT, telecommunications and more. Veteran-friendly.

Community College of Vermont Apprenticeships

For students who want to work while attending school, the Community College of Vermont offers registered apprenticeships as medical assistants, pharmacy technicians and manufacturing production technicians.